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Cracking K-ent Reports you to definitely Suzy and you may Lee Dong Wook are Matchmaking

Cracking K-ent Reports you to definitely Suzy and you may Lee Dong Wook are Matchmaking

Cracking K-ent Reports you to definitely Suzy and you may Lee Dong Wook are Matchmaking

Welp, now that is a sensational cracking development item around the globe out-of K-ent celeb matchmaking, let-alone the second in identical month. News outlets was damaging the aside-of-the-bluish news you to artist-celebrity Suzy and you will star Lee Dong Wook is relationships! Eg, legit this really is all over the information websites and their enterprises confirmed inside two hours that the several indeed get so you’re able to discover one another passionately. The new matchmaking development comes from the couple are recognizing relationships during the Cheongdamdong even when searching alert to its landscape and you will looking to remain a hidden.

There was a thirteen-year many years gap between them, higher than Suzy along with her ex-sweetheart Lee Min Ho, not to mention that it reports identical to her earlier in the day matchmaking and you may break up is going discover immense hype. In the event that Suzy in fact is matchmaking Lee Dong Wook next best wishes in order to the happy couple, and it’s really higher now their BF has recently complete his military services. I am going to leave it for the nosy K-netizens to vote to the whether this is an upgrade or downgrade to possess Suzy, all the I know would be the fact I am happy while my pretties try happy crazy about anyone who they wish to.

Breaking K-ent Information one Suzy and you may Lee Dong Wook try Matchmaking – 107 Statements

I like Wookie, especially immediately after watching your from the facts reveal, Roomie (Season 1). You never know how much cash of this try a designed image against. his true thinking, however in that show, the guy found to be very warm and considerate… and additionally “not bright”. The guy generated fun out-of themselves because of it, and i also located their care about-deprecating humor really charming. There can be one scene one to stands out inside my head given that are instance funny and then he and you can Seo Kang-joon were trying to get a phone as free Music singles dating site well as have been one another utterly unaware– I believe they could even have referred to by themselves as being Stupid and you can Dumber.

Oops, I found myself “not too bright” and replied to the incorrect opinion. This was meant to be a response to the second comment.


Omo omo Suzy ‘s the fortunate lady getting towards grim reaper.. Lee Dong Wook is definitely an upgrade whether it most of the down so you can appears however, Lee Min Ho is far more popular.. really the layouts is actually daebak.. as they provides a massive age pit I am pleased to possess them.. congrats to that particular beautiful few.. I’m just a little concerned about this pit..

We would not state Lee Minho is far more greatest especially now Lee Dongwook is back so you can hallyu updates once Goblin. In any event, fame shouldn’t be the cornerstone of if it roentgen/s try a keen “upgrade” otherwise “downgrade”. I don’t know one another stars however, LDW appears to have a good best profile than just LMH with regards to matchmaking. Anyway, huge years openings be seemingly the norm getting a-listers. Idols eg IU, Suzy, Hyeri an such like have premiered more youthful so they become more mature and will particularly old males lol.

I cherished LDW as the woman scent (I think it’s called). A big enthusiast out of his however, he’s not really once the prominent as the LMH maybe not from the one disagreement. We could examine and you may say Gong Yu was at a comparable dominance top as LMH outside of SK and you may without a doubt a lot more popular than simply LMH I am SK however, LDW’s prominence mostly hangs out-of Globin for now.

I’m talking centered on sense. Sure, I found myself for the a constant connection with anybody 15 years earlier than just me personally. Ages isn’t a challenge after all tbh. It’s a matter whether or not your share an equivalent advice regarding the relationships. Certain females despite becoming younger could have grow considering. I suppose, that is the circumstances that have IU and you may Suzy here.

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